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Will the ads I save stay forever?
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Yes! All content saved to Adison is saved in your own cloud storage. This means you will have access to the ads even if the ad becomes inactive.

How do I use the Facebook Ad Library?
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The Facebook Ad Library is a tool that can be used in many ways for tasks ranging spying on your competitors ads to political transparency research. If you are looking to get the most of the FB Ad Library I recommend reading our 2022 Facebook Ad Library Guide.

What is TikTok Creative Center?
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The TikTok Creative Center (also known as TikTok Ad Library) is a place for you to discover what is trending on TikTok. This ranges from popular sounds and Top Ads. The TikTok Creative Center is a very valuable place for TikTok ad inspiration.

What is Facebook Ad Library?
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The Meta Ad Library (Previously known as Facebook Ad Library) is a place where you can search and view ads across all Meta/Facebook Products including Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. You can access the Facebook Ad Library using this link.